Promo Video: Brainventures (iOS Game @ Kizoom)

I worked at Kizoom for four months as a front-end game devloper. When I was at Kizoom I learned about Unity 2D and NGUI, and finally helped ship the iOS game – Brainventure. The game is now available in the AppStore.

Besides, I also took use of my design skills to help with the game and animation design. And edited the promo video showed below.

Brainventures empowers kids to become lifelong learners by teaching them about their brains through a quirky brain world and playful gameplay.  Designed by experts in neuroscience and education, Brainventures is inspired by research on growth mindset, which shows that kids who understand they have the ability to make their brains stronger perform better in school and are more successful later in life.

Promotion Video – Abnormal Vision Simulation Game: Cyclopia

Cyclopes is an ETC team of 5 members collaborating with Assoc Professor and neurologist Erle Chuen-Hian Lim of the National University of Singapore. Our goal is to enable medical and healthcare students to experience the world from the perspective of patients with eye disorders. We will create a virtual world using the Oculus Rift for educational purposes. The team also seeks to make an engaging interactive experience. This experience will encourage doctors to empathize with their patients and feel more compassion towards them.


This is the only one of my animations which made via After Effect instead of drawing every frame by hand. It looks good to me.

I participated in the activity Adventure Module, an activity for the first year student, and made this animation as a summary. First, I drew all the elements I need for the animation. After that, I import all of them into After Effects and adjust the timeline and layers to complete the animation.

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