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Above is an interactive micro-film produced by me and my classmates at undergraduate university and below is the introduction video of how to interactive with the film. We made this all by ourselves under the teacher’s advice. We have around 15 person in the team and each of us has a role in either the shooting process or editing process.

This is a detective story. Police, spy and gangster…this film contains many elements for a police drama. Can you guess who is the spy? Watch and play! The result may be unexpected. Like the other interactive film-Brother Apple, in this film, you would still feel it is hard to tell who is the good man and who is the bad people.

– What is Interactive Micro-film?

First I’d like to define the concept of interactive to you. When people play games, let’s say computer games, they always use some tools or functions to interact with the game. i.e. people click the mouse to choose an object or to cast a spell. In this way, people could have influences on what’s going on in the game. Here comes our interactive micro-film, which runs in the similar way. That’s, people could have influences on what’s going on in the film! They could even change the story and the ending. For now, we made this film on mobile devices so that people can interact with the film via their cell phone.

– How to interact with the film?

Like what I just mentioned, people use their phone or tablet to watch and interact with the film. There are many important plot points in the film. Every time the film comes into a plot point, it needs people to do something to continue the story and people’s behavior would definitely affect the outcome. i.e. in the firs plot point of Brother Apple, people can tap on the key or the poker, and as a result, the police would go to help the protagonist or stay in the room continue playing cards. So our interactive micro-film is not only for people to watch but also to play with.

– Why we need Interactive micro-film?

It’s fun! We made a film interactive and short so that people are able to watch and play it wherever and whenever. Before we started to produce to film, we did many investigations and analysis which could be a proof of people’s great interests in interactive micro-film.


This film was made at the same time with Brother Apple. I was the producer and programmer for this film. As I said in Brother Apple, I learned Objective-C and XCode by then and programmed for iOS.

The story and logic for this film is a lot more complex than Brother Apple, as you could see from the sketch of the structure showed below.




Here’s a brief introduction to the interaction of this film:


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