This is the only one of my animations which made via After Effect instead of drawing every frame by hand. It looks good to me.

I participated in the activity Adventure Module, an activity for the first year student, and made this animation as a summary. First, I drew all the elements I need for the animation. After that, I import all of them into After Effects and adjust the timeline and layers to complete the animation.

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The Sound Of The Legend

The name of the animation is taken from essay wrote by a Chinese writer Qiuyu Yu. What impressed me most about the story is the famous music played by Gu Qin- a traditional Chinese instrument. According to this, I have my story for the animation. I tried to present the beauty of the connection between music and nature. The background music was carefully chosen-it’s a Chinese classical music named XiangShanSheGu.


This is a simple combination of what theory I’ve learned within one semester. It contains the movement of human, bird, horse, etc.

A Girl and A Ball

My design for the girl was inspired by the flower demon showed below. Though one is human while the other is flower, they share the same shape and aura. This animation was drew with pencil frame by frame, and was photographed by a traditional machine.


Cartoon Character

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My passion for drawing was first inspired by the animation showed on TV, so there’s no doubt that I love drawing cartoon characters. Here is only a little of my work. It was a pity that I’ve once lost most of my paintings by accident, but it’s fine…I will draw more.

Fire And Water

Sand art! Many times that I’ve seen sand art on the TV and this is the time to have a try. We have 2 people worked on this during a whole night. The story is very simple. We just wanted to represent something with sand and we chose fire and water. After we settled down with the theme, we made this short animation movie by taking pictures. That’s, we wipe the sand into the particular pictures that we want, and then took a picture from the top. We did this frame by frame and merge it into a movie at the end. It is a hard but interesting experience.